Helix pipes are unique adapters and pipes that are a perfect blend of art, functionality, and science that are specifically designed for spinning the smoke in its chambers. The helix pipes are designed in a way that cools down the smoke for smooth inhalation while providing full flavor and excellent filtration of herbs added to it. Whether it is a dry piece or a piece that uses water, helix pipes are amongst the most immediately recognized ways of colling smoke. This swirling smoke not only looks cool but also helps in aerating the flow of smoke. By doing so it preserves your stash as it optimally produces the best ratio of oxygen to smoke inhaled without excessively burning down your herbs.

How Do Helix Pipes Work?

In a helix chamber, smoke is built from concentrates or dry herbs which moves through a Venturi chamber. By doing so, it funnels the fluid and that increases with the velocity as it passes through the pipe. Just this procedure instantly gives clearer filtration to the smoke before it is even at the percolator. The percolator in the helix has a main chamber that is of a bulb-like shape and has small slits that make it easy for altering and spinning the smoke in different directions.

Also, this bulbous shape helps in adding air to the glass because of which the smoke cools down, hence, giving a smooth experience while inhalation. This enhances the smoking experience and cuts down on waste because of the air that enters the main chamber. Also, these are very smooth to the lungs as our lungs can’t take too much smoke altogether.

The other benefit of switching to helix pipes is that this cutting-edge glassware technology to smoking adds a new dimension to creating a visually stunning experience for a smoker.

Helix Pipes and Accessories

These helix pipes come in a couple of different designs, shapes, and styles. If you are someone who likes to smoke dry pieces, then the classic helix spoon is the one for you and is raved the most in this kind of category. If you are someone who is into the concentrate category, then Helix Steamroller is the one for you in which you are going to get all the big hits with that perfect delicious concentrate flavor.

Smokers who are looking to get the most hit out of these Helix pipes can choose from a wide range of dabbing accessories like the glass straw. Not just that, now you can even choose adapters for that vape pen that you already have.


Smokescreens has a wide range of innovative and high-quality pipes along with all sorts of smoking accessories to make your smoking experience enjoyable and effortless for you and others. By stepping into our store, you can very easily upgrade your smoking experience and flaunt the science of the Venturi effect by buying the best helix pipes and accessories available in the market. Reach out to us today to explore our products!

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