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Vaping is a method of smoking that is considered less harmful than smoking a cigarette or tobacco product directly. When smoking a product with tobacco, the tobacco leaf is burnt directly, creating smoke that affects the user’s lungs when it is inhaled. Though vape products contain nicotine like cigarettes, it is considered less harmful because the tobacco leaf is not actually burnt. A vape device uses a vaping liquid called e-liquid. This liquid is typically comprised of propylene glycol that causes a sensation in the throat similar to smoking, vegetable glycerine which affects the amount of vapor, different flavors regulated under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, and the option of nicotine available in different levels of strength.

Vapes are commonly associated with electronic cigarettes, and they mainly come in two types: discreet pod or pens and tank devices. Both types require charging to use:

  • Discreet pod or pen devices (mouth-to-lung devices): These have a battery and a disposable e-liquid cartridge. Pen devices have a battery, a tank that refills with liquid, and a coil that heats the vapour.
  • More complex tank devices (direct-to-lung devices): These are the devices that can make big clouds.

Vaping has become popular among teenagers and young adults as it actually helps smokers quit by gradually delivering nicotine. Also considered less harmful than smoking, vape devices are available in different models, sizes, and price ranges at Smoke Screens. Purchase a device of high quality available at the cheapest price from Smoke Screens to enjoy a smoking experience that is just as fun with less harm!

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