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Glass bubblerA glass bubbler is a glass pipe with a cavity for water to filter and cool down smoke that flows through it. Glass bubblers have a long passage that connects the mouthpiece to a small chamber, and though many have a built-in bowl, some larger models have a glass-on-glass fitting for the bowl piece.

A glass bubbler works by cooling the smoke that flows through the device, and it can be used with or without water. Because the bubbler cools the smoke, the result is a smoother hit compared to regular pipes, and glass bubblers are great alternatives for those who want to lessen the harshness that comes with smoking.

Water bubblers also help eliminate the taste of resin that typically comes from using a pipe. Unlike smoking from dry pipes, individuals using a glass bubbler can have a good experience without smelling like resin.

There are a variety of styles and designs for glass bubblers, from the solid hammer bubbler to the classic sherlock bubbler, or the mini pocket-sized bubbler to the coffee table-sized bubbler,

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