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Chillums & Bats

A bat is a straight tube made from a slender tobacco pipe that fits into a dugout. A dugout is a small container with two compartments. The product goes into compartment while the bat goes into the other, and this allows the user to inhale the product through the bat. Bats are commonly referred to as a one-hitter, and they come in a wide variety of designs and are made from different materials such as wood, glass, or metal. Many individuals confuse bats with the chillum pipe, which resembles the shape and length of the bat. Whereas chillums are made from stone and glass and do not require a dugout to use, bats are designed specifically to be inserted and to use the dugout.

While they achieve the same affect, the choice between chillum and bat is a personal one. Many people enjoy the simplicity of the chillum over the complexity of the bat. The chillum does not have as many parts as the bat, making it more portable and a great choice when traveling, hiking, camping, or doing other on-the-go activities.

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