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Buy Chillums in Houston, Katy, Cypress & San Marcos

Buy chillums in Houston, Katy, Cypress & San Marcos, Texas.

A chillum is a short device that resembles a long pipe. Traditionally made of clay, many believe chillums originated in India and were brought to Africa and America by 1960.

Chillums have been a long-standing fixture in the smoking industry, and likewise they have become an iconic aspect of smoking culture.

Some of the earliest accounts of these are of the Sadhus and Rastafarians smoking chillums by the Ganges River while preaching the Lord Shiva.

Today, chillums are enjoyed by younger audiences as well as veteran smokers because it gives them the traditional feeling of smoking.

The device consists of muffled tubes that are hollowed out and used to smoke tobacco, it has a stone inside the hollow tube that allows smoke to flow to the user but prevents tobacco or burnt ash from travelling. This stone also helps diffuse the smoke by working as a divider.

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You can count on us to buy chillums in Houston, Katy, Cypress & San Marcos, Texas.

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