If you are planning to give up on smoking or you simply enjoy the biggest clouds of herb-tinged or fruity vapour, then vape is the best option for you. Vapes are sort of an e-cig but less harmful than a regular cigarette. No matter what stage you are at on the vaping journey, there’s always a reason for ordering a new vape. However, with so many choices available out there, Smoke Screens is listing down the best vapes for you.

Types of Vape Devices

There are numerous types of e-cig available. Although they all fundamentally work in the same way, there are a lot of distinctions based on how they look and the kind of vaping experience they give.


Cig-a-likes have once been very popular, however, they are now not catching that attraction. These vapes look almost exactly like a regular cigarette. These are discreet and very small in size and are designed to give a feel of smoking. These vapes have no buttons to press and have a normal small cartridge that is filled with nicotine e-liquid and this cannot be refilled.

Pod E-Cig

Pod vapes are an evolution to the cig-a-likes. They look like e-cig, are simple to use just like them with no buttons, but they have the option of refilling it using a push-fit cartridge.

Vape Pen

Vape pens are cylindrical shaped vapes that come in a variety of sizes and have a tank to refill the e-liquid, plus a vape battery. These vapes also come with vape coils that can be easily changed.

Box Mod

The box mod is the vape that looks like a small box. They have buttons to set the settings for the amount of vapour and throat hit. These also come with vape tanks for refilling the e-liquid.

Best Vaporizers

The following are some of the best vaporizers on the market.

Vaporesso Osmall

This is the best pocket-sized vape available in the market that one can buy. This is small, simple to use and has excellent vapor output. You can easily fill its cartridge with your own e-juice.

Riptide Ripstik

Riptide Ripstik is an excellent cartridge-based vape stick that has a very simple cartridge system, has automatic draw assistance, produces big plumes of vapour and uses synthetic nicotine.

Zeus Arc GT

This vaporiser is the best pocket-sized herbal vaporizer with gold heat conduction. This is an excellent vapour producing vape for herbal models, especially, loose-leaf puffing. It has a tactile feel, gives smooth hits, and is easy to use.

Vaporesso Xtra

Vaporesso Xtra vape is an excellent refillable model for those who prefer all-day vaping. It has an automatic draw, a large e-liquid chamber, long battery life, and produces excellent vapour trails.

Utillian 620 Herbal Vaporiser

Among this list is another great pocket-sized vaporiser that’s ideal for drawing on herbs. This is commendably portable, comes with a handy LCD screen, has adjustable temperature mode, and is the perfect choice for smoking herbs.

Vaporesso Renova Zero

This vape is a great alternative to the winning Osmall vape with a great refillable pod. This has excellent consistency and is extraordinarily compact. This well-made vape has a massive vapour volume.

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