If you are someone who loves vaping or planning to switch to vapes from cigarettes, then vape mods are the ones for you. These are long-term vapes that have huge improvements in their battery life and performance from those cig-a-like vapes. Vape mods not only have enhanced battery life but also have the best level of customizations in vaping experience one can ever get. There are a lot of options to choose from from the fantastic range of vapes available, and Smoke Screens is listing down the best ones to help you in easing down the process of choosing the best one for yourself.

Lost Vape Paranormal

The Paranormal from the Lost Vape tops the list of best vape mods with its excellent design and impressive set of features. This is a dual battery mod with an impressive running capacity. The other set of features that it has are temperature control vaping, boost mode for quicker ramp-up, and replay mode to give the same flavor and performance.

Innokin MVP5

The Innokin MVP series has been in the market for quite some time now. This vape mode also comes with a temperature control functionality including integrated support for all TC wire types, and adjustable TCR. With this vape mod, you can also control the hit strength for softening the initial part of your draw. Apart from that MVP5 has additional features like a compass, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, and flashlight on-board.


The SMOK MAG Baby is one hell of a gorgeous addition to the Mag family. With tasteful and aggressive styling, it is an ultimate blend of substance and styling. Although it is small in stature, it is capable of fierce performance. This conveniently sized vape mod is the snap of ergonomic perfection. It easily fits in your hand and proffers a very crisp trigger action for that perfect pull every time. This vape mod is ideal for those who are either looking for a first vaping mod or are experienced vapers.

Vaporesso Luxe II

Vaporesso vape mod is beautifully designed with a dual battery box mod is definitely an eye-catcher. It incorporates a small panel of touch screens containing one mode button and two adjustment buttons. It also has a physical button that works as a firing button.

Innokin Proton Mini

This cool-looking vape mod comes with a color display screen and runs on the internal battery. This screen and a unique joystick-style adjustment button are the most unique aspects of the vape mod. Proton Mini works really well to make navigation of this device in the simplest way possible. This stylish vape mod has a firing bar instead of a button, so you simply have to squeeze it to start vaping. The other amazing thing about this vape mod is that you can charge it with 2 A, which means it has a very quick charging capacity and you don’t have to wait for long to start using it again. Plus its battery life is great. It can easily take you through a day.

Smoke Screens

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